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As you may have seen, some of the pools have large dimensions and require a minimum and clear space to be able to make a delivery in conditions . Collaboration by the customer is essential to meet the essential requirements for a good delivery. We have paid a lot of attention to this process and here are some aspects to keep in mind.

Street delivery

- Delivery at street level (all provinces).  As a general rule, all products will be delivered with the service at the street level of the house.

- Tarmac and vehicle-enabled access to the unloading point. To carry out the service at street level,  it will be required that the unloading point has an access to the entrance door of the property paved and enabled for the transit of this type of vehicle (rigid truck of 9 - 12 meters for the size XL of the ROUND model). The customer must be prepared to receive the product on the street with his own staff.

Home delivery service

Depending on location we can offer home delivery service and install the pool. Send us an email for more information.


Deliveries with difficulties or special requirements

Calculate well the dimensions and characteristics of the path to the discharge location. These pools are not disassembled, the client must carefully calculate the measurements, the path that the pool must take, the turns, heights, etc. The measurements of each of the pools are detailed within the file of each product, the client must review them before confirming the order.
Notify in advance any complication in the delivery journey so that the transport company can evaluate it. Any complications that the carrier may encounter in the delivery process (stairs, significant height changes, difficult turns, uneven terrain, unpaved road, etc.) must be notified in advance and they will analyze it in detail. Delivery will only be made if there are guarantees in its execution.

Deliveries with special requirements.

In case of requiring a special delivery (particularly complicated accesses), reserves the right to use alternative necessary methods such as authorized octopus / crane trucks. Any extraordinary requirement will be agreed with the client in advance and under budget.
They do not enter elevators nor can they be rolled down the stairs. The pools roll perfectly on their axis and their maximum weight is 77 kg. Even so, they will not be able to climb flights of stairs in neighboring communities or enter elevators.
Small oval pools (S) do fit in elevators. Smaller oval pools (S) generally fit into standard lifts. 

Contact with the client
Confirm with the client that the delivery conditions are correct. If the transport company has doubts before delivery, it will contact the customer to confirm that the conditions of the delivery point are viable for it.
The transport company will arrange delivery with the client with an approximate 24-hour notice. The time slot for delivery (morning or afternoon) will be agreed with the client.

Identify yourself and be of legal age for the reception. The customer or the person authorized to receive the merchandise must be accredited and have reached the age of majority.

Other aspects to consider
Photograph at the end of delivery. Operators must take a photograph of the delivered product for the record.

Variable transport cost.

Transport prices are indicative and may be modified by fluctuations in logistics costs or exceptionalities subject to delivery points.

Possible dents or scratches.

These pools come from another continent, have been transported by truck through the United States, have crossed the ocean in maritime containers, have been stored in our country and have been delivered to the customer in specialized vehicles. Its material is noble and robust, although it may have small dents and scratches that are unavoidable during transport but do not affect the final seal of the product or its rustic aesthetics, which makes it so special.

If you have any questions or clarification regarding the delivery process, you can contact us and we will do everything possible to solve it and so that you can have your pool as soon as possible:)

Thank you very much and happy shipping!

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