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Tankkd provides warranty on all products purchased from us. Standard we give 2 years warranty on the products.

It is important to us that the purchase made at Tankkd is enjoyed to the fullest. If the purchase breaks down within the warranty period, it can always be assumed that it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


Improper use of the product is never covered by any form of warranty. If any modifications have been made to the product outside of Tankkd, the warranty on that part of the product will be void.

We are available at all times when there are questions about our products and warranty. Please always contact us when something is defective. Our staff will take care of it to ensure that you can quickly enjoy your product again.


Our tanks come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty applies to the functioning of the product and proper use. For the complete hot tub is that it stands on a level surface and is used for its intended purpose.

Below we explain per part how the 2-year warranty applies and what is covered by improper and proper use.

The galvanization

The galvanization inside is covered by a 2-year warranty. The 2-year warranty is offered on the functioning of the parts. Not on the appearance of this. This implies that the tank is leak-proof.

For the galvanization applies that it has not been cleaned with aggressive agents and the material is handled normally as intended. Also, the warranty will expire if there is standing water in the tank for a long time (from 2 weeks). The stock tank is best cleaned with a miracle eraser.

Never shock treat with chemicals. We recommend to use chlorine free products.

Read our maintenance tips!

Stove from Tankkd

The stove comes with a 2-year warranty. The 2-year warranty is offered on the functioning of the parts. Not on the sight of it. This means that the stove can heat the hot tank as intended.

The 2 year warranty on the stove is valid under normal use. This means that it is used according to instructions. Explosion of the stove, overheated welds and implosion are not covered by the warranty. Windows on a stove are not covered by warranty.


Filter system

The filter system is guaranteed for 2 years. This warranty applies only to proper use of the system. The filter system is used properly when it is cleaned on time through the backwash, the filter media is replaced on time and all electricity is disconnected from the outside air.


The cover and tarpaulin have a warranty of 2 years when used properly and it only applies to its operation not the sight.

It is important to air the cover from time to time, open the zippers to prevent mold on the inside. And also clean the outside.

Wooden accessories

The wooden accessories are guaranteed for 2 years on the structural operation not on sight. Thus, the accessories are not burdened with unnecessarily high weight and are used for their intended purpose.


Scratches, loosening due to excessive chemical use, discoloration are not covered by warranty.

Warranty is void if an installation was done by the consumer and not done correctly.

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