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DIAMETER:  210cm
HEIGHT:  61cm
WEIGHT:   67kg
CAPACITY:  2.538 liters


The round Tankkd stock tanks can be used as a swimming pool, splash pool, jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor shower, flower tub or for landscaping a really nice vegetable garden.


You can use them in different ways in order to create a truly unique atmosphere. 


Because of their durability, they will last for years. They are trendy and you can personalise them: by painting them, applying stickers - the possibilities are endless.


The Tankkd stock tanks are manufactured in the USA by Hastings, the pioneer of stock tanks! Due to their experience, The seems  are completely waterproof without a thick layer of silicone on the outside / inside.


- The base is attached to the side walls with a 4-layered sealed seam.

- Each tank has steel piping that runs all the way around the tank for extra stability.

- Fitted with a screw cap to drain off water

- Available in a variety of diameters starting from 150 cm to 244 cm


* Minor dents of scratches are inevitable during transport. This will not adversely affect the quality whatsoever and is part and parcel of the rustic and authentic appearance of these stock tanks. For technical reasons, the diameter of the products supplied may vary approx. 10 cm from the specified diameter.


€1,395.00 Regular Price
€1,255.50Sale Price

  • 3 - 7 days. 

    We are happy to calculate the transport cost, depending on location and volume.

    Please send us an email or whatsapp. or +351926564335

  • We are happy to send you a quote with payment details and delivery information. 

    Please send us an email or whatsapp. or +351926564335

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