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The stove perfectly match the look and charm of our stock tanks. This wood-burning stove has a power around 39 kW.


The heaters can be connected directly to the tanks or with a pump in between. If you connect the heater directly, the tank should be 25cm higher than the heater. 


With the heater connected in between the pool and pump, everything can remain on the same level. Pump always needs to be switched on when using the heater.


In concrete terms, he will heat 1000 l of water from 10 to 39 degrees in about 1.5 hours. 


- ASI 304

- 2M chimney in 2 parts.

- Glass door 

- Ideal for all models and sizes



Round 39KW wood stove

€1,395.00 Regular Price
€1,325.25Sale Price
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