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This is the most affordable chiller on the market!!!


- Compact

- 3Kw or 5Kw

- Reversible hot/cold 40ªC - 3ºC

- Automatic de-icing

- Compatible with all spas

- Control through a wifi connection

- Integrated pilot for an auxiliary circulation pump (relay optional)

- Integrated control of the spa heater (relay provided)


Dimensions (mm) 440 x 380 x 423


Cooling 1000L water from 18ºC to 3ºC takes about 12h with the 3Kw chiller and about 7h with the 5Kw chiller in normal weather (20ªC).


You will need an external pump / filter pump to circulate the water. Send us a mail or message to get more information.


Chiller (3ºC) / heater (40ºC) for ice bath and hot tub (Wifi connection)

  • 3 - 7 days. 

    We are happy to calculate the transport cost, depending on location and volume.

    Please send us an email or whatsapp. or +351926564335

  • We are happy to send you a quote with payment details and delivery information. 

    Please send us an email or whatsapp. or +351926564335

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