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Complete hot tub set up with an oval stock tank, a 39 Kw wood stove with chimney and necessary fittings to ensure a smooth connection. The stove is made of stainless steel and fits perfectly with the stock tank. No problems with smoke because of the tall chimney. The stove is completely closed so that you don't get ash in the bath. 


- Tub

- Pre drilled holes

- 39KW wood stove

- All connections + in- & outlet



- Filter pump to keep your water clean at all time.

(The heater can be connected separately to the bath or between the filter pump and the bath. Send us a message for more information)


The stove perfectly matches the look and charm of our stock tanks.


Because it is fully double-walled, the stove never gets too hot from the outside. 


With his appearance and capacity, it will ensure that every day is summer.

The stove will heat 1000 liters of water from 15 to 39 degrees in approximately 1 hour.

* when used as described in the manual.


Chimeney is 2 m high


* minor dents of scratches are inevitable during transport. This will not adversely affect the quality whatsoever and is part and parcel of the rustic and authentic appearance of these stock tanks. For technical reasons, the diameter of the products supplied may vary approx. 10 cm from the specified diameter.


  • 3 - 7 days. 

    We are happy to calculate the transport cost, depending on location and volume.

    Please send us an email or whatsapp. or +351926564335

  • We are happy to send you a quote with payment details and delivery information. 

    Please send us an email or whatsapp. or +351926564335

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