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The high-quality materials of the BADESOFAs can be used in water without hesitation. A special coating on the outer fabric and cushion filling makes the BADESOFA resistant to mold and mildew stains.

An adjusted weight prevents the BADESOFA from floating in the water.

BADESOFA  is made to the highest quality standards. That is why we at Tankkd offer these cushions.

They are perfectly shaped for hours of chilling in our stock tanks.


After use, remove the cushion from the tank and let it dry outside, the water runs off perfectly without leaving mold.

After repeated use, we recommend washing the inner cushion of the BADESOFA in the washing machine (up to 60 degrees). If necessary, the cushion cover can also be cleaned in the delicate cycle or hand wash. Small superficial stains can usually be removed with a small sponge and a mild household detergent.

This way your BADESOFA stays radiantly beautiful and clean like on the first day


Our BADESOFA cushion covers are made of a very high-quality, durable outer fabric.

Textile feel: a natural and subtle effect with mixed materials for a softer touch
Easy to maintain: does not form mold or mildew stains*, dries quickly
Durable and UV resistant: can also be used in the garden/swimming pool in summer
Material composition: 72% polyvinyl chloride, 20% polyester, 8% synthetic fiber
The BADESOFA inner cushions are made of a high-quality 3-D spacer fabric, filled with polyester fiber beads.

Innovative: particularly water and air permeable
Easy to clean: Mildew resistant equipped*.
Comfortable: special comfort with pleasant (back) support
Material composition: 100% polyester


Conventional bath additives such as foam and oil baths are no problem for these materials. You can bathe as usual and remove foam residue and residue as needed, as described above.

Be careful with strongly coloring bath additives, e.g. cold baths with essential oils. This can cause slight discoloration of the textile.

Badesofa pillow Anthracite

  • 3 - 7 days

    €19 in Portugal and Spain

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