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Maintenance guide

Stock tanks are very easy to maintain and can last for years if you take care of them.

1. Delivery of your Tankkd

The stock tanks come from faraway Nebraska so these may still be a little dirty. Take a mild baby shampoo with a soft sponge and lather the tank well, then rinse well with water.
You may, if black spots ( grease ) are visible, polish them with a white melanin sponge. You can buy these on amazon.
The Melanin sponge is good for dirt but also for limescale on the tank. You may rub the tank with a soft oil once a year. 

2. Installation

You will find all manuals online on our website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp
Some tips :
Make sure the pump is plugged in
Open the taps on the in- and outlets
Wash the filter medium every 2 weeks in the summer at 30 degrees in a washing bag without product. Then let it dry naturally and definitely not in the dryer.

If you use sand as medium, you don't need to worry about it (change it every 2 - 3 years). Just clean the pre-filter now and then.

Do not run the wood burning stove until you are sure of circulation. 

3. Filling your Tankkd

It's finally here!!! But how do we keep the water clean?
If you have a small tankkd then you are probably going to change the water enough
when it gets dirty. Vb with ice baths.
If you have a larger Tankkd then FILTERING is the most important thing. In summer 4 to 8h, in winter 1 to 4h.

Test your water weekly for Chloor, Ph, Alkaline. Use a water quality tester.

Chemicals always have a negative impact on the life of your Tankkd, which is why we use as few as possible. This is healthier for you, but also for the Tankkd.

We recommend using chloor free products.
WITHOUT filter, never use chemicals!!!

Is your tankkd near sea water? Then keep in mind that this can affect the life of the tank. Saltwater and steel are not the best combination.
You can paint your tankkd with 2-component paint or install a liner. A cover will also help protect your tankkd.

Be careful with renovations or construction works nearby. The products contain heavy chemicals that can quickly rust the tub.

4. The fabric cover is a summer cover this can blow off in strong winds. Here you can possibly use magnets to keep it in place. 

If you have a heater then you are probably going to use the Tankkd for as long as possible.
If it is freezing then you can heat up every day so the pipes can't freeze or you shut off the pump and heater and let all the water out. Store the pump, in a dry place. Make sure all the water is out of the stove. Wash out the tankkd as you did in the beginning with a mild shampoo and make sure it is dry on the inside (turn it over on a dry surface or cover it). You can also leave the water in the tank
without the pump and heater and let it freeze. BEFORE this, no chemicals should have been used one month beforehand.
If you only use the tank in summer, leave the water in with the filter on for 4 hours a day without chemicals. If it freezes, disconnect and then make the choice as described above.
So we never let a tank without a filter over winter with water that contains chemicals. 

6. Before use, always read the safety instructions and manuals which you can read

How to maintain your stock tank

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